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JS-106 immersion cleaning agent

JS-106 immersion cleaning agent

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JS-106 immersion cleaning agent

Product specification

Cleaning agent code:


Cleaning agent category:

Water-based cleaning agent (medium alkaline)


Light yellow transparent liquid

Boiling point:

Above 100℃

Density (-20℃):

1.25 +/- O.02

PH value:

1% concentration: 11.0-12.0

Physically stable:

No precipitation, five layers, no precipitation of crystals, material compatibility test


    1. This product cleans the hard-to-remove white spots, dirt, and offset printing of the screen printing products, and sets a stock solution immersion process at the front end, set the temperature to 50℃-55℃, the immersion time is 2-3 minutes, after descaling Then perform ultrasonic cleaning. This product is a medium alkali, and the cleaning yield of the product is more than 90% when compounded with German surfactants and dispersants.

    2. This product should be cleaned with JS-203 cleaning agent after soaking, and should not be combined with other products.

Use process

    1. Use the original liquid to heat the single tank. The size of the tank is set according to the customer, and the set temperature is 55°C.

    2. Put the finished product directly into the tank at 55°C, until it is immersed, the time is 2-3 minutes.

    3. Take it out after 2-3 minutes, and proceed directly to the next process cleaning.


Packaging, storage and transportation:

This product is a water-based agent and is non-flammable. Each barrel is packed at 25KG/barrel and can be transported by ordinary trucks.

Storage conditions:

Store in a ventilated warehouse in a cool place, within the range of 1℃-40℃, without any safety hazards


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