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JS-P992 glass cutting fluid

JS-P992 glass cutting fluid

Suitable for cutting ordinary glass
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JS-P992 glass cutting fluid

Product specifications

Cleaning agent code:


Cleaning agent category:

Glass cutting fluid


Light yellow transparent liquid

Boiling point:

Above 100℃

Density (-20℃):


PH value:

Original solution: 8-10

Product performance

  1. Excellent anti-rust performance (anti-rust time is more than 3 months);
  2. The solution is green and transparent, with good visibility, and is especially suitable for use on modern processing equipment such as CNC machine tools and machining centers;
  3. Environmental protection formula: Does not contain chlorine, triazine, secondary amine, aromatic hydrocarbons, sodium nitrite and other harmful ingredients to the human body, non-irritating to the skin, and friendly to the operator;
  4. Cutting fluid deterioration and odor control: selected imported additives with strong antibacterial properties, and have a long life in the central system or single engine oil tank (no odor or deterioration within 30 days);
  5. Low foam: excellent anti-foaming properties, can be used in high-pressure systems and operating conditions requiring high air release, suitable for soft and hard water;
  6. Lubricity: The formula contains unique surfactants and emulsifiers, and the lubrication performance is much higher than similar products, which significantly reduces tool costs, improves surface processing accuracy, can replace cutting oil, and creates a good environment for operators;
  7. Chip sinking: The oil-discharging formula has good chip sinking properties, providing rapid settlement of cutting chips and cutting subdivisions, maintaining system cleanliness and easy cleaning to remove contaminants, and slick oil will quickly be completely separated on the surface of the cutting fluid;
  8. Cooling and flushing: good cooling and cleaning, keeping the machine tool and workpiece clean, reducing sticky residues;
  9. Highly concentrated type: Diluted 20 times with water , can be used normally;
  10. Low price: The cutting fluid is under precise cost control from feeding, production, and logistics.


  1. Use filtered water for dilution;
  2. Recommended concentration: 5 -8 %

Packaging, storage and transportation:

This product is a water-based non-flammable liquid, and each barrel is packaged at 25 or 200KG/barrel, and can be transported by ordinary trucks.

Storage conditions:

Store in a ventilated warehouse in a cool place, within the range of 0-40℃

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