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JS-380C UV three anti-paint

JS-380C UV three anti-paint

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Product model: JS-380C three anti-paint

Features: UV tri-proof paint is a kind of UV dual-curing electric coating, which has excellent resistance to change, humidity, water resistance and shock resistance, salt spray resistance and breakdown strength are also stronger than other tri-proof paints .

Applicable process: brushing, dipping, spraying

Operation instructions:
First, clean the PCBA board. If the surface treatment of the substrate is not good, dust, oil, flux residues (including no-clean flux) on the surface of the substrate will affect the adhesion of the coating film and the substrate. It is also the point where corrosion and mildew of the PCB board will occur in the future. Therefore, in the construction of three anti-paints, the surface treatment of the substrate is very important.
Various processes of spraying, brushing and dipping can be used, and the applicable temperature is -30-130°C. The construction conditions require that the ambient temperature is not less than 15°C and the relative humidity is not more than 75%. Maintain very good ventilation during construction. The thickness of the paint film layer generally depends on the coating method (standard thickness is 25μm). After drying, it will become a paint film, which has the characteristics of good adhesion, good flexibility, and high hardness.
The three-proof paint can be used with JS-400 thinner, and can be applied after mixing evenly during dilution. Users can dilute according to their desired viscosity and film thickness.

Packaging and storage: 5L, 18L, store in a cool place away from light

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